Session Wardrobe Guide

It’s actually pretty funny.. As I sat down to write this article to help all the stuck people out there who just don’t know what to wear for their session (OH YES!! I’ve been there!), I realized that my wardrobe basically only consists of solid neutral colors.. Gone are the younger days where I wore bright colors and stood out like a HUGE black fuzzy spider on a white wall. So are you wondering what in the world you should wear for your engagement, couple, or maternity session? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered (that’s why I’ve made this Session Wardrobe guide!)

Honestly, the more time and planning that you invest into your session, the better it turns out and the more you like your photos! No kidding.. Styling + Planning = AMAZINGNESS. Sessions are not just about the photos, they’re about the styling and the planning!

In this post, I will cover 4 steps to styling your wardrobe for your session!

session wardrobe guide

1. Romantic or Casual?

This is the fun part! If you have just the choice of one outfit, you can pick if you want to wear something romantic and flowy or something casual that is authentic to who YOU are. As a photographer, I am usually a sucker for the romantic long and flowy dresses especially since I shoot in the Columbia River Gorge & at the Beach most of the time where it is WINDYYY! So we want to work with the wind and not against it! There are honestly so many places online where you can find a long and flowy dress. If you’re not sure where to even look, send me a message & I will be happy to send you a list! Your man can wear anything from a suit to just a button up! How formal you want to go is completely up to you.

Now for the casual dresser! For the ladies, I would recommend something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in! This can be just a pair of leggings with a shirt or a cozy sweater with your favorite jeans! Make sure that you are comfortable enough to run and jump around and for a piggy back ride! For your man, I would recommend neutral solid colored pants like black, tan, dark blue, etc. or jeans (of course) and either a casual button up, sweater or a t-shirt. A casual wardrobe is all about showing your day-to-day you. Keep it simple and be yourself! Trying out a new style for the first time at your session may not be the best idea! As a general rule, don’t wear large loose clothing or turtlenecks because they make your neck disappear & make your body look wider than it is.

2. Colors

Try to stick to solid colors that are not heavily saturated like a bright orange or a bright lime green. I usually suggest for my clients to wear more subtle colors like white, navy blue, maroon, grey, black, cream, etc. Take a look at my blog posts to get some more inspiration for the types of colors. Just a little side note: darker colors make you look thinner and lighter colors do the opposite, so keep that in mind when styling your wardrobe! Do your best to avoid stripes and patterns because they draw attention away from your face and make the photos look extremely busy! Most importantly, make sure that you & your man’s outfits compliment each other!

3. Footwear

I’m going to be honest, this one’s mostly for the guys.. Rule #1: Avoid the running shoes. I get it.. They’re comfortable to wear, you wear them every day & they describe YOU. But do they really? Do they describe your relationship with your woman? Let’s be honest now..

Ladies! If you are thinking about wearing heels, keep the location in mind & bring an extra pair of comfy booties or sandals just in case. It never hurts to come prepared! If you’re going casual, going barefoot is always an option as well.

4. Accessories

Accessories are always optional! Either you love them or you hate them. I usually keep it simple with a ring and maybe a necklace because that’s who I am. Hats, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, rings and even flowers add a lot of personality to who you are. I’m not going to lie, they’re really fun to shoot for photographers!

If you’ve found this session wardrobe guide helpful, I would love to hear some feedback down below in the comments. Thank you for reading!



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