Floral Spring Wedding:
Serge + Jessica

Where do I even begin with these two? I am so honored that my hubby & I were the ones to capture Serge & Jessica’s lovely wedding! They dated for 4 years after meeting through Instagram — it is possible ladies and gents! Watching how they both interacted on their wedding day was so sweet. You could see how much they truly love one another. They basically laughed and giggled throughout the whole day.
We ventured to a few different locations to take some of their portrait shots, one of which was an older historical building that I’ve been dying to go to! Their photos turned out so stunning. It basically rained for the majority of the time we were taking pictures, and Jessica was so ready for it! I love how they both just enjoyed every moment that they had together — rain or shine.
Congratulations to these two! We are so happy for you two and wishing you a life time of happiness!


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Romantic Rowena Crest Engagement:
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